Commonly known as nigga Rolex watches where to recover

replica watches uk in the country to wear the number is very much, plus each replica watches recycling prices are not low, so we are Rolex as we often do the brand, every month there are several pieces. And in the hearts of friends, buy swiss replica watches must see Rolex, buy labor must see the ghosts, see ghosts ghosts, which is our recycling companies keen on the reasons for the mortgage ghost king. Among the many series of Rolex, Rolex submarine is the most popular style of the market, including black water ghosts, green ghosts, cloves, etc., are very hot in the world. But the real Rolex to kill the Quartet or the Rolex Sea type, the sea made in 1967, the water depth of 610 meters (2,000 feet), and after 1978 increased to 1,220 meters (4,000 feet), designed for the sea Personnel and water ring explorers and other deep dive pioneered, covering the Earth's surface nearly 70% of the waters in the shuttle. Rolex watches recycling To understand the pivotal position of the sea, we have to talk about the heyday of the deep sea since the 1960s. Humans have longed for a long time to stay in the water activities, even in the water life. In the 1960s, experiments were conducted in France and the United States, and found a way to deal with another limitation of human exploration in the ocean - decompression. At that time, Rolex will be a solid diving wrist crown "sea to type" in the name, and this watch is from these underwater living in the experimental plan to get inspiration. Used Rolex watches recycling Rolex "Water Ghost" produced in 1953, after the launch of the Rolex in the dive watch in the palace position, as the experimental style sent to Comex company dive before the experiment is already Rolex mature diving watch style. Therefore, if from the time point of view, appeared in 1967, "King of Ghosts" is "water ghost" late childhood. But in 1967 is a very critical time node, Rolex shot "King of Ghosts" when it is just decided to cooperate with Comex company, so "King of Ghosts" with a practical character to the same, and the first "King of Ghosts" Is actually sent to Comex for data analysis. Undoubtedly, "King of Ghosts" is Comex's direct descendant, "Water Ghost" is the side of the branch.